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Blockchain This Week – Visa and Budweiser Into NFTs, 600K Rock, USAF, Carbon Reporting as a Service

It was a week of NFTs. Visa and Budweiser dabbled into them. A picture of a rock was sold for a staggering $600K and many more. There were also other interesting events, such as USAF planning to use Blockchain for security, and carbon reporting on Blockchain is being made available in a subscription model. Substack accepts crypto, and Dorsey wants to build a Bitcoin DEX. These and many more are in this week’s newsletter.

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Blockchain This Week – Mainstream Bitcoin Investments and Crypto Naysayers

It was yet another exceptional week for Blockchain and crypto, especially Bitcoin. Amid several positive adoption stories, there are also a few negatives, with some countries plan to impose a crypto ban. These and many more in this week’s newsletter.