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Blockchain This Week – Bitcoin is Now a National Currency, Mastercard Bets Big on Crypto, FTX NFT, Green PoS Network

This week, for the first time in history, Bitcoin became a national currency, with El Salvador becoming the first country to make Bitcoin a legal tender. Mastercard plans to buy crypto transaction tracing firm, CipherTrace. A study by UCL attempts to find out the greenest PoS DLT network. FTX launches an NFT platform shooting the price of Solana’s token. These and many more are in this week’s newsletter.

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Blockchain This Week – Everyone Wants to Sell You NFTs, El Salvador Bitcoin Drama, Twitter’s Tip Jar

NFTs, NFTs, and more NFTs – NFTs dominated this week. But, there were other significant happenings as well. Several altcoins soar high. Many countries doubled down on CBDCs. Twitter might allow you to tip the content you like in Bitcoin. These and many more are in this week’s newsletter.

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Blockchain This Week – Indian Banks, Media Mughals, MicroStrategy, El Salvador, World Wide Web, Titan

El Salvador is looking for partners to help it establish Bitcoin as legal tender. Fifteen banks form a Blockchain consortium. WWW code is sold as an NFT. DeFi is being used for crowdsourcing. These and many more in this week’s newsletter.

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Blockchain This Week – El Salvador Legalizes Bitcoin, UNICEF Bolsters Blockchain Startups, Square Targets Green Mining

El Salvador became the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender. UNICEF invests in Blockchain firms that work on financial inclusion. Bitcoin mining is increasingly becoming responsibly sustainable and green. These and many others in this week’s newsletter.