How Blockchain Can Help with Vaccine Development Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

At times when such pandemic is staring at the face, the utmost need would be to develop a formidable vaccine, distribute to the larger populace, cull this epidemic and immunize people from such infections at the earliest. This needs to be done in a short span of time, yet following rigorous regulatory procedures and in a trustworthy manner. How can technologies like Blockchain help in such an accelerated vaccine development process?

Tech for Social Impact — Decentralized Identities for Underserved

Today, around 1 billion people lack any form of legally recognized IDs, 1.7 billion do not have bank accounts, 68.5 million people are refugees or internally displaced or stateless who either do not have IDs or are too vulnerable to use them. At the same time, technology has reached a large set of people across the globe more than ever before. If technology were put to use efficiently to create, propagate and use verifiable digital identities, billions of people including those who lack any official identity proofs or are unable to use them due to threats involved will be benefitted.