Blockchain This Week – Asia, USPS, Yam

In yet another eventful week in the realm of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin price spiked briefly to US $12,000, Ethereum gas price soared to US $99, South Korea exceedingly embraced Blockchain, USPS eyeing Blockchain. These and many more in this week’s newsletter.

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Blockchain This Week – Ethereum Attacks

The week began with the news of a 51% attack on the Ethereum Classic network, which the attackers purportedly executed undetected over several days. The attackers managed to pocket the US $5.6 million through double-spending. The network was attacked again on Thursday, with the attackers ripping off US $1.6 million. The attackers were able to mount up sufficient resources for the attack by spending a mere 17.5 Bitcoins worth US $192,000 for renting the required hash power. This news and many more in this week’s newsletter.