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Blockchain This Week – Coinbase Super Bowl, Hostile Takeover, NYSE, JPMorgan, Net Zero Carbon Crypto Mining

A lot of surprising and some previously unheard of events happened this week. It includes a hostile takeover of a DAO, Coinbase’s QR code crashing its site, among others. Head over to this post, where I have more news – from this week.

Blockchain This Week – OpenSea, Visa, Kickstarter, MicroStrategy, Reddit, Novi, Crypto Donations for Toys

This week’s newsletter covers various events, including Kickstarter kick starting decentralized crowdfunding platform, Visa’s crypto advisory service, MicroStrategy’s continued Bitcoin investment, and donating crypto to buy toys for underprivileged kids.

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Blockchain This Week – El Salvador’s Bitcoin City, India To Ban Crypto?, Millions for Digital Land, “NFT” Is The Word of The Year

El Salvador To Build Bitcoin City With $1B Bitcoin Bond. India Considering Crypto Ban. Million Dollar Land Deals Happening in Digital Universe. NFT is Collins’ Word of the Year. These and many more are in this week’s newsletter.