OCC on US Banks Offering Crypto Custody

This week marks a significant achievement in mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. On July 22, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) released an interpretive letter, delineating their stand about authorizing the U.S. national banks to provide cryptocurrency custody services to their customers. The OCC charters, regulates and supervises all national banks and federal savingsContinue reading “OCC on US Banks Offering Crypto Custody”

Blockchain This Week – $6 Million Fees to Recoverable Keys

Would you pay $6 million for $900,000? In the cryptocurrency world, it is not unusual to hear about users paying hefty fees to get their transactions confirmed faster. But how much is anyone ready to pay? This week proved that there are no such restraints. Earlier this week, a user paid an unusual amount ofContinue reading “Blockchain This Week – $6 Million Fees to Recoverable Keys”

Digital Currency – What does it take to launch a CBDC?

Despite the many merits, why are countries not rushing to introduce this new form of money? Why are countries spending years on research and launching long term pilots? What are the key considerations for effectively implementing a digital currency?