Blockchain This Week – From Vacations to Chats

What happened in the world of Blockchain this week? Here is a quick recap. Book your vacation using crypto Expedia, a popular travel booking website, has added 700,000 more accommodations that can be booked using cryptocurrencies. Hence, users who use the Blockchain-based travel booking platform to book Expedia’s accommodations now have more hotel andContinue reading “Blockchain This Week – From Vacations to Chats”

Blockchain Interoperability—What are the Key Drivers?

Blockchains can be integrated in many ways – transferring digital assets from one network to another or transferring assets in one network while paying for it in another. Integrating multiple blockchains can be technologically challenging and the companies exploring the possible integrated blockchains, should not ignore the business and the legal difficulties.

Blockchain This Week – $6 Million Fees to Recoverable Keys

Would you pay $6 million for $900,000? In the cryptocurrency world, it is not unusual to hear about users paying hefty fees to get their transactions confirmed faster. But how much is anyone ready to pay? This week proved that there are no such restraints. Earlier this week, a user paid an unusual amount ofContinue reading “Blockchain This Week – $6 Million Fees to Recoverable Keys”

How to Build Sustainable Mobility With Blockchain?

The need of the hour is to empower people with seamless and green transport. They prefer to schedule a ride – renting a bike to the subway, followed by booking a train ticket, and finally hailing a ride-share to reach the destination – hassle-free with a single app running on their phones. Commuters wish to breeze through these disparate modes – a single QR code or an OTP to unlock the bike, open the train door and enable the ride-share. Commuters also like to set up their payment options once and settle the trip fares automatically across multiple transit modes. Mobility as a Service or MaaS aims to build a sustainable ecosystem that provides this very convenience.