About Me

Here, you can find my articles and weekly newsletter on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. I am a Cloud Architect interested in Web3. I look at Web3 as a democratic version of the web. My articles focus on how the tenets & tenants of Web3 can be used for Social Good.

In my day job, I am a Cloud/Customer architect designing solutions for clients and help them embark on their journey to the Cloud Computing world. In my spare time, I research on Blockchain. I love exploring how Blockchain, along with other emerging tech, can help in creating a sustainable, green world.

For the last few years, I am also pursuing a topic that has become my long-term aspiration – Using technology for social good. I am passionate about researching, writing, and designing solutions that help assimilate millions of underserved people into the society from which they are left away today. I aim to develop an ecosystem where technology can act as an enabler instead of a hindrance for creating a sustainable and inclusive society.
Someday, I intend to come up with a low cost, high available digital infrastructure that reaches everyone in every corner of the world. My goal resonates with the SDG principle of “leaving no one behind.” Anyone, no matter how remote their places that they live are, no matter how digitally and linguistically limited they are, should be able to gain access to technology that improves their standard of living.

I believe technology is the catalyst that will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – 2030. But, having the right policies that enable technologies to be used to empower the underserved people is vital. In order to define effective strategies, it is crucial to bridge the gap between legislation and technology, and that is where I would like to work.

I write on Blockchain technology, and some of my articles are published in a few publications. This website is a collection of my writings and news about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. I hope you find my posts interesting and informative.

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