About Me

Hey There! I am a multi-faceted person who thinks that life is too unpredictable to live in predictable ways. I believe in CL/CI model. CL/CI?

Read along to know more ;)….

I have a 9-to-5 job in the tech industry, working and managing Blockchain-focused projects. I am also a writer, reader, coder, baseball watcher, and explorer of new things.

I write on Blockchain technology and have some of my articles published in a few publications. I am an avid reader of biographies and anything related to the politics and the history of the US. I am an autodidactic coder. I love penning smart contracts in Go, Java, and Solidity. While I am not working or writing, I tinker with my pet project that uses Hyperledger Fabric and Hedera Hashgraph services. And finally, I am a baseball fan, rooting for San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals.

Coming to the CL/CI model – I believe learning is perennial, and it is the only way to acquire skills and gain knowledge. Hence, I am an ardent follower of the Continuous Learning Continuous Improvement (CL/CI) principle.

Now talking about this website, I believe sharing is the best way to enhance knowledge. I love researching on Blockchain and sharing my views with my writing. This website is a collection of my thoughts and news about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. This blog also collates all my articles that have been published in various publications. Hope you find my posts interesting!

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