Humanitarian Aid – Helping Refugees With Blockchain

Image Via Shutterstock

This post is originally published in Data Driven Investor.

Protracted political unrest, prolonged wars, and increasing intolerance towards fellow human beings have exacerbated the global refugee crisis in recent times. Furthermore, persistent floods, earthquakes, droughts, and famine have driven people out of their homes. Around one percent of the world’s population has fled their homes so far.  

Addressing this burgeoning crisis requires humanitarian aid. The governments, NGOs, and other non-governmental organizations have to join hands. As per the UNHCR, ensuring an accountable, coherent, and coordinated response to the displaced people is vital. 

Blockchain technology can play an active role in driving this collaboration for a noble cause. The success of the program hinges on efficient and secure sharing of information. Can Blockchain act as a transparent and secured means for sharing sensitive data? What are the various challenges in creating a system underpinned by Blockchain?

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