With Blockchain adoption is Collaboration the new Competition?

This post is originally published in Data Driven Investor.

Today, there is a need for various organizations to join hands and fight the pandemic battle at hand. These organizations are not limited to healthcare providers and include companies focussing on disruptive technologies such as AI and Blockchain. We are fast approaching the phase where Blockchain moves beyond the hype cycle into mainstream adoption. Lot of companies today are able to comprehend the merits of Blockchain and devise use cases for practical adoption.

In the past, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain was a thing of computer geeks along with money launderers and peddlers on the darknet. This notion has changed over the years with Blockchain catching the attention of mainstream businesses. Blockchain provides a solution which adds value to their existing processes and addresses some of their long-standing challenges.

What makes Blockchain lucrative to invest in for enterprises? 

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