Are Blockchains mutable?

This post is originally published in Medium.

Immutability is one of the key characteristics of Blockchain. The ability to resist change and remain unaltered, indelible even in a decentralized, distributed environment is what makes Blockchain interesting for those who seek accountability and trust in the system. However, we should not forget that even with all the automation, there is still some “human” involved in Blockchain. For instance, it is a human who is the end user of apps running on Blockchain, it is a human who codifies the agreed upon terms and conditions into a “smart contract” which if not done correctly leaves the system vulnerable to misuse or mistakes. Improvements and more importantly corrections have to be routinely addressed and blockchain systems created, governed & used by humans are nothing different. Malicious content circulating in the network, an individual’s right to be forgotten, fraudulent transactions recorded on Blockchain leads us to a situation where immutable chains have to be circumstantially made mutable.

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