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How Blockchain Can Revolutionize Micropayments?

Micropayments, as the name suggests, are transactions involving small amounts of money usually done electronically. Micropayments are an integral part of today’s subscription services and in-app payments. However, many factors, technological and economical, have hindered its widespread adoption. But, the dawn of Blockchain technology and the growing adoption of crypto and digital currencies have solved many of the longstanding issues with micropayments, leading to its increased acceptance.

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Blockchain This Week – Ethereum @ 5 Bitcoin @ 11k

This week marked the fifth anniversary of the launch of the first-ever general-purpose Blockchain platform – Ethereum. At the same time, the Bitcoin price soared above US $11K, and at the time of writing this article was rallying at US $11,393.43. These and many more in Blockchain – this week.

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